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First black history book to be banned. Pt 1

A unique black history book, which reveals the True Identity of Black Americans

Why did Amazon remove from its shelves the book entitled: “The Bible is the Black Man’s History Book,” by Mawuli who is also known as Mawuli Mawuvi?

This is the first time in black history as well as in black people’s literature that a book written by a black man has been banned. What is more telling is this is a book written for black people by a black man about black people’s history. It is not about the History of those who feel threatened enough by it to ban it. Rather it is all about black people’s History – West African History, to be precise.

So what exactly is about West African History that will spook a white audience in America? The answer is because the information in the book is about a place in West Africa formerly known as the Slave Coast. This is the area where the majority of the slaves taken to America came from. These were the ancestors of most black people in the Americas. Thus any information on the identity of those ancestors, reveal the true identity of the descendants of the Slaves. I am sure you can see from what I said the huge significance the information in the book will be to black Americans. Now, do you get the importance of this book?

The information in the book, reveals in one stroke, the true identity of most black people in the north and south America. A book like this has never been written before. It helps stop the identity crisis most black in the north and south America suffers from.

For decades, the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade have struggled with an identity crisis. There is no doubt about that. In desperation, some turned to Ancestry DNA companies for help. But this has turned up to be nothing short of a gimmick, publicity device set up by Fraudsters to make money out of desperate people seeking an answer to their roots.

This book was to change all that. It brings to an end all the uncertainty about the identity of black people in the diaspora and ticks all the answers to their questions. The search had finally come to an end for every black person whose ancestor was a victim of the transatlantic slave trade.

Nevertheless, the revelations in this book were not happy reading for some of the non-black people in America. What annoyed them was what it revealed to be the true identity of black people in the diaspora. What really annoyed them the most and spooked them was the overwhelming evidence contained in the book. Many black people had made similar claims. They had even written books making these same claims but no one took any notice because there was no real evidence to back up these claims. “The Bible is the Black Man’s History Book,” was an entirely different type of book. It flowed with evidence from page to page. Not just any fly-by-night type of evidence. This was bonafide irrefutable evidence-based on the blood ancestry of the people. How do you challenge that? You can’t! This is the same way every human being on the planet proves their identity. For example, I can claim to be German. That is easy. But can I prove it? Proving it is the difficult part because it has to be based on blood ancestry. Without showing the blood link, it is a false claim. White people know that. So when the black Americans made this and that claim about their identity, other Americans just dismissed it as a joke. All that indifference changed when in 2016, the book entitled, “The Bible is the Black Man’s History Book,” was written and published by Mawuli.

In the next few articles, I will go on to show you some of the evidence in this book that rattled the enemies of the black people in the Diaspora. Stay tuned!

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