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First black history book to be banned. Pt 2

As I mentioned earlier, most black people in the West have come up with theories to claim they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. When asked to prove it, they quote Bible verses as proof of their Hebrew identity. But is this the right way to prove a person’s identity?

The fact of the matter is, you cannot prove Hebrew identity using the Bible verses. It just does not work that way. Any powerful nation on Earth with a rich history can do the same. For example, Caucasians also make similar claims using the Bible verses as evidence. As the Hebrew-Israelites use scriptures as proof of Hebrew identity, so do Caucasians. They also use Bible verses to claim that they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. 

Known as Anglo-Israelism with a membership of 2 million people, they live in the UK and America. They hold the theory which identifies the Anglo-Saxon race with the Lost Ten Tribes. It’s adherents claim that God’s promises to Israel are fulfilled with regard to England and America. Not to be confused with Jews they split the Hebrews in exile into two groups: the Ten Tribes who they claim are the Anglo Saxons. These are on the road to world dominion. The second group are the tribe of Yehuda (the Jews)  who are still suffering persecution for past sins.

They claim England and her colonies is the Israel to whom God made the promises to in the Bible. The following are the  Biblical texts they use to support their claim. 

Israel will dwell in islands (Isa. 25:15) with colonies and be the chief of the nations (Micah 5:8). Israel will change her name (Hosea 1: 9), 

be numberless (Hosea 2: 1). 

Judah will be a byword (Jeremiah. 15:4),

 The “isles” mentioned in Isaiah. 41:1, 42. 4, to which God banished Israel, were to be north (Jeremiah 3:12) and west (Isa. 24:15) of Palestine, and to be in a cold climate, since as it says in the scriptures: “Heat nor sun will smite them” (Isaiah 49:10). It was further prophesied that the isles would become too small for Israel (Isaiah 49:19). Israel will be a nation and company of nations (Genesis 35:11). Thus, it would have colonies (Isaiah 49:20; 54:3), so that it might surround the nations (Deut. 32:7-9) and be above them all (Deut. 7:6, 14:2, 28:1). The children of Israel will always know and recognize the Lord (Isaiah 59:21, 49:3). This to Anglo-Israelites means, “the citizens will be members of the Church of England.” 

 Further confirmation to them is Genesis 48:19.  Here it says that one of the tribes of Manasseh will become an independent nation. This offshoot of Manasseh they claim is the United States of America. Both Ephraim and Manasseh will exterminate the aborigines in the countries into which they spread (Deut. 33:17). American emblems such as the Lion and the Unicorn they say is mentioned in Numbers 24:8-9. Of the American eagle, they claim is the prophecy in Ezekiel 17:3. The promise that Israel “will own the gates of her enemies” (Gen. 22:17, 24:60) is fulfilled in the possession by England of her colonies. The prophesied that Israel should bear another name (Isaiah 65:15). They will also speak another tongue (Isaiah 28:11). 

 With this amount of scriptures to support their claim, the Anglo-Israelites are adamant. All these prophecies about Israel, they claim, are fulfilled in England, its colonies and the United States.

Well, as you can see they make a pretty good case with these scriptures. So it is not surprising Anglo-Israelites are triumphant. They defy critics by asking, “Apart from England, what nation  corresponds to all these prophetic signs?”

The next article concludes the claims of Anglo Israelism. Make sure you read it. All of this background information helps to get a better understanding of the banning of the book entitled: “The Bible is the Black Man’s History Book.”

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