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First Black History Book to be Banned Pt. 3

The Historic Connection.

However, they don’t depend upon and use scriptures alone to support their claim. The try to build a historical connection as well. According to them, in 720 B.C. the Babylonians deported the Ten Tribes to Babylon. Quoting Herodotus, the Scythians (an Iranian people), were there at the same time. This included the tribe of the Saccæ. Scythia was a region of Central Eurasia in classical antiquity, occupied by the Eastern Iranians. Don’t ask me how this connects them to the Israelites, they don’t explain it and I have no idea of how they are connected. 

 Somehow the story jumps thousands of years ahead to the ancestors of the Saxons. Maybe this is whom they refer to as the Saccæ because they start talking  of the progenitors of the Saxons. What is confusing is the Saccæ were part of the Scythians. How the eastern Iranians became ancestors of the Saxons the narrative does not say. The story goes on to say the ancestors afterward passed over into Denmark. Denmark to them is the country of the tribe of Dan. From there they came to England as the Vikings. Another branch of the tribe of Dan which remained “in ships” (Judges, 5:17) made its appearance in Ireland under the title of “Tuatha-da-Danan.” In 580 B.C. Tephi, a descendant of the royal house of David, arrived in Ireland, according to the native annals. The land of Arzareth, to which the the Assyrians deported the ten-tribes (2 Esdra 13:45), they identify with Ireland by dividing the former name into two parts, the former of which is ereẓ, or “land”; the latter, Ar, or “Ire.”

Did you spot the error? These people trace their origins to the ten tribes but now they mention a descendant of King David as one of the ancestors? How can that be when at the time of her exile, King’s David’s lineage had no connection with the ten tribes? 

The false narrative goes on to say  from Tephi was descended Feargus More, king of Argyll, an ancestor of Queen Victoria. This according to them fulfilled the prophecy that “the line of David will rule for ever and ever” (II Chron. 13:5, 21:7). 

The Irish branch of the Danites (I thought they said she was from the line of David) brought with them Jacob’s stone. This has always been used as the coronation stone of the kings of Scotland and England, and is now preserved in Westminster Abbey. 

Even so, they completely do a U-turn and brand the Irish as the enemy. The prophecy that the Canaanites should trouble Israel (Numbers 33:55, Joshua. 23:13) they applied to the Irish. 

It is very easy to take apart the foregoing and show it for the abysmal nonesense it is. This I will do in in due course. But before that in the next article, we look at the Hebrew-Israelites use of scriptures to prove their Hebrew identity. 

Comparing the two groups, you will then see how the book entitled: “The Bible is the Black Man’s History Book,” becomes a real threat.

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